Team member Gyles Denn assists Staffordshire Search and Rescue Team on their ‘Foundation Course.’

Not previously reported here, but recently team Call Out list member Gyles Denn, a former Forensic Officer, was again invited by Staffordshire Search and Rescue to attend their Foundation Course and teach about Crime Scene awareness and protocols. (Regular readers will recall that Gyles formulated a Forensic Protocol document for the Bolton MRT which is also in use in other MRTs / SRTs) As is often the case Gyles was accompanied by his long suffering wife and crazy spaniel.

The Crime scene training provided consisted of a presentation on what to do and how to act within and around a crime scene along side general awareness about forensic evidence and investigation. This session was immediately followed by a hands on (or hands off in this case) exercise with a mocked up crime scene, then a debreif and photo presentation of the evidence that was contained within the scene and how the evidence would have led the crime to being investigated and hopefully solved. Gyles set up a particularly gruesome crime scene and evidence scenario drawing on real experience form cases he has been involved in – there was most likely a few nightmares that night however there was also a lot to learn form it. The feedback coming back from both students and course organisers was excellent and from Gyles point of view “It is always wonderful to have the chance and even better to get invited to work and share experience with colleagues from other teams and just great to meet and share a laugh with like minded people”.

The final word must go to the long suffering spaniel Hector “My highlight was the sausages I was fed by the kind kitchen team, I always look forward to going to the Staffordshire Foundation Course because I love sausages”.