Visit to the team by 19th Bolton School Cub Scouts

This evening the team played host to a visit by twenty four Cubs from 19th Bolton School Cub Scout Group to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

The following is an account of the visit by team member John Dickinson:

This evening 24 Cub Scouts with 5 helpers from the 19th Bolton School Cub Scout Group visited our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to attend a lecture and demonstration on the work of Bolton MRT.

The group were met by team members Naomi Horan, Neil Warburton, Kris Kilshaw, John Dickinson and Mike Marsh. The group assembled upstairs at our Base / HQ with Neil giving a presentation on the roles and responsibilities of Bolton MRT, how the members are called out, and how Bolton MRT is funded.

The group was then split into two teams and taken down stairs into the garage where each team in turn were shown the contents of BM1 which were spread out on the garage floor. Naomi and Neil took each team through the contents, showing them the Trauma Sack and demonstrating the Vac Mattress, Vac splints, the different stretchers, other kit and of course involving the group in the practical aspects of wearing the splints, loading up the stretchers with volunteer casualties and carrying them around the garage. The other team were shown and taken around BM3, showing where everything is stored in the vehicle, how a stretcher is loaded into the vehicle, the radios and their use, the 999 control panel switching on the blue lights, siren and scene lights. The Bolton MRT operational area was explained and the size of the area came as a surprise to the groups helpers. Many questions were asked, some quite technical about the Land Rovers which thankfully were expertly answered by our Land Rover junky Kris.

The lecture concluded at 20:00, with a round of thanks from the Cub Scout Group.

It was very noticeable that the evening was appreciated by the Cub Scout Group due to the enthusiastic way that each cub got involved in the practical work and the questions asked by the cubs to the presenters.