Team accepts delivery of new MREW Jackets donation from our national organisation

Today we can announce the wonderful Christmas gift of jackets from our national organisation : Mountain Rescue England and Wales.

Mountain Rescue England and Wales just over a year ago decided to purchase a jacket for all Mountain Rescue Team members in England and Wales, utilising national central funds and demonstrating central purchasing.

Most MRTs signed up to the purchase, with MREW agreeing to supply a fixed number for each team, with teams paying for additional jackets over and above those being issued ‘free’ to teams from central funds.

The jackets have been supplied by Mountain Equipment, with two ‘models’ available, the Fitzroy men’s jacket and the Alpamayo women’s jacket, in a corporate MREW predominantly red colour with high visibility piping, MREW badge work on each sleeve and ‘MOUNTAIN RESCUE’ on a back panel.

In total the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team took delivery of fifty three jackets of both models, with MREW having previously agreed to fund / donate at least forty jackets to the team. (The final ‘donation’ figure has still to be finalised)

The jackets are now in the process of being issued to all our team call out list membership. (Complimenting our other items of team personal issue kit)
The team would like to express its thanks to Neil Roden, MREW Assistant Treasurer and Procurement Officer for his major involvement in dealing with this national purchase utilising centrally held funds.