Presentation to Jim Fletcher at “The Shed”, Belthorn

This evening, team call out members Ken Oakes, Paul Brain and John Dickenson travelled to Belthorn to make a special presentation to Jim Fletcher, who owns and runs “The Shed” at Belthorn.

The Shed is a community venue for the residents of Belthorn which raises money for different charities. On the Shed wall are certificates and plaques from many grateful charities, besides Bolton MRT, including Air Ambulance, RNLI, animal charities and the most recent donation of £500 to Diabetes UK.

Jim first contacted the team in 2005 and over the years Jim and the patrons of The Shed have raised over £4,000 for us. He also helps the team to raise our profile by inviting us to attend the annual Belthorn Village Fete.

Tonights visit was slightly different, we wanted to personally thank Jim for all the work he does in raising money, so presented Jim with a specially commissioned glass commemorative plaque to convey our thanks.

Ken Oakes with Jim Fletcher at ’The Shed’

The whole team membership would like to thank Jim Fletcher and all the patrons of “The Shed” for all the fundraising they have undertaken for us over the past 6 years. Jim also said it had come back round to being ’our turn’ again and had started raising funds for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team again, so watch this space for further news in 2012.

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Here follows an alternate view of the meeting from Ken Oakes:

This evening former Team Chair, Ken Oakes, Team members Paul Brain and John Dickinson, travelled to the famous ’Shed’ at Belthorn village to make a presentation to our now long time supporter Mr. Jim Fletcher, Jim has been associated with the Team since 2005, when he approached us asking how he could support us, and in that time has not only had one of our collection containers at the Shed, in which his customers have kindly contributed considerable sums of money, but very generously Jim has often personally made a further substantial contribution resulting in the Team receiving a considerable amount over the years.

We felt that although we have given commemorative plaques and certificates to Jim and all at the Shed that it was time to mark Jim’s personal generosity and this evening we presented him with an engraved crystal plaque to commemorate this.

We noted whilst we were guests at the Shed that they organise and contribute very generously to numerous charities, and in no small way, given the relatively small size of the village.

Once again the Team would like to express its grateful thanks to Jim and everyone at the Shed.