Operation “Rescue Tinkerbell the Christmas Fairy.”

This evening the team took part in its traditional ‘Xmas Festive Themed’ Wednesday evening exercise, organised by our Training Officer Elaine Gilliland and Team Call Out list member Brian Brooks, the scenario was Operation ‘Rescue Tinkerbell the Christmas Fairy.’

With thirty three Team Call Out list members present and Support Group members Gillian Gregory and Amanda Strickleton, we all met at the car park to the Great House Barn, Lever Park, Rivington.

‘Joining’ us for the evening were eleven excited children from amongst our membership, the youngest being four years old, an assortment of team members dogs (Who are not ‘normally’ allowed on team exercises) also joined us.

wheres the mistletoe?

The task for the night was to locate over seventy Christmas Tree Baubles, hidden in trees and bushes around the ‘Go Ape’ rope course in Lever Park, and of course find Tinkerbell the Christmas Fairy.

Split into two search parties with the adults thinking they were in charge! all the children whizzed off quickly into the night, with whoops of delight as they kept finding the baubles (Guided of course by team members search lamps)

Team Leader Garry Rhodes getting into the Christmas spirit

Our radios were kept busy as a children’s and adult’s christmas themed quizzes were played out on air.

Tinkerbell in the shape of our Training Officer Elaine Gilliland (Dressed appropriately) was located, as was the soft drinks for the children and wine for the adults.

Mince Pies and sweets were also on offer, on this cold but thankfully dry night.

Ken Oakes ’helping’ the children with the goodies…

At the debrief prizes were handed out (No adults won!) and then it was off to the Crown Hotel, Horwich, for more festive socialising.

Thanks to Elaine and Brian for organising this fun night.