Team Welcomes The Rotary Club of Turton to Ladybridge Headquarters

Tonight the team welcomed 25 guests including members and their partners from The Rotary Club of Turton. The members have become very supportive friends of Bolton MRT and the team has been extremely grateful for the donations made by the club during 2011. In May team member Diane Blakeley was the Rotary Clubs guest speaker at The Last Drop, so it was with great pleasure that she was able to welcome the members to our Ladybridge Hall Headquarters tonight. She was joined by team members Dave Marsh, Paul Copley, Kris Kilshaw and Naomi Horan.

The evening started with an introductory talk by Diane and a Mountain Rescue video, before a talk from Dave Marsh about the work of Search and Rescue Dog Association. Dave brought along his retired search dog Chi and trainee water dog Sasha, who greatly entertained our guests with their quest for biscuits. Following the questions the group split in two. One group went with Naomi to learn more about the first aid equipment carried by the team, whilst the second group went with Paul and Kris into the garage to find out more about our Emergency Land Rovers and all the equipment they carry. Both groups then swapped over.

At the end of the evening Rotary Club President Alan Smith thanked the team members for their hospitality and their hard work and dedication for the local community.

All the team members of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank everyone who visited tonight for their kind comments and great support for the team and hopefully we will see them again soon.

See also news reports dated 5/5/11 and 27/10/11.