Government Grant results in team receiving a quantity of Alloy Screwgate Karabiners

Last year Her Majesty’s Government announced a grant to be utilised for team search and rescue equipment purposes, open to all teams within Mountain Rescue England and Wales, our national representative body.

The grant from HMG administered and co-ordinated through our national body, MREW, resulted in each team including the Bolton MRT, being able to purchase SAR equipment through MREW to the value of £2,500.00.
Orders by MREW teams were placed in December 2011 for ‘draw down’ in January and early February this year.

We are very pleased to announce the second part of our ‘order’ utilising this grant has resulted today in the delivery to the team of thirty eight SAR Klet Alloy Black Karabiners, as supplied by Specialist Access and Rescue Products Limited of Oldham, at a total costing of circa £380.00.
These Karabiners will be utilised by the team within its Rope / Line Rescue equipment.

The team wishes to express its thanks to Her Majesty’s Government for this direct financial support of mountain rescue in England and Wales, and to our national body, Mountain Rescue England and Wales for co-ordinating orders and the expenditure associated with this grant.

We would particularly like to thank MREW Officers, Penny Brockman, MREW Treasurer, and Richard Terrell, MREW National Equipment Officer, for their role in the administration and co-ordination of this grant, and their valued help and advice offered to Bolton MRT in enabling us to make our purchases set against this grant.

Keep watching our website for further news of the third and final part of the purchase orders made by the Bolton MRT utilising this grant.

(With reference to the first part of our ‘order’ utilising this Government Grant, please refer to the website ‘news’ item dated Friday 17th February 2012, detailing the receipt by the team of two PELI RALS 9440 ‘Big head’ Lighting Units, at a total costing of £1,440.00)