Fantastic donation from Gary Mitchell of Darwen, Lancashire

Today we are extremely pleased to announce the receipt of a number of very thoughtful donations, totalling £425.00 to the team, honouring the 50th birthday of Gary Mitchell of Darwen, Lancashire.

The same amount has also been kindly donated to the Air Ambulance Service.
Gary in a letter to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, accompanying the kind donations explained;

“Please find enclosed a number of donations totalling £425.00, to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. At the end of January I turned 50 and decided to have a bit of a do and to the people I invited I asked instead of presents I would prefer a donation to one of two groups who rely on charity to help fund them. As I run with the Darwen Dashers and do run quite a bit on the fells I thought that the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and the Air Ambulance might be a good idea to support, as you never know I might need one, one day.”

“In fact I’ve already had to use Mountain rescue once, about 15 years ago, having been brought down off the fells over Rossendale way, and this is my way of saying thank you.”

“In total we raised £850.00 so I have divided it equally between the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and the Air Ambulance, I hope this small amount will be of some use to you. Many thanks for all the good work you all put in.”
The whole team membership is extremely grateful to Gary for his thoughtful kindness and support of both us and our Air Ambulance colleagues. (We can assure you that the £425.00 raised for us is actually quite a substantial amount rather than a ‘small amount.’)

We are also very appreciative of all who made a contribution in lieu of presents to Gary, in kind support of us and the Air Ambulance.

Finally we would like to wish Gary belated congratulations in regards to his recent 50th Birthday milestone.