Another wonderful donation from Darwen Dashers Running Club

Further to our report of yesterday, when the team received a very kind £160.00 donation from our friends and supporters at Darwen Dashers Running Club, following their evening fell race of Friday 24th February this year, at which we provided ‘Standby Rescue Cover,’ we have received today another donation in connection with this event.

At the end of the Friday evening, 24th February event (Mr Sparkle’s Dark Un) with most of the runners, supporters, club members and Bolton MRT members enjoying a post race social in the Royal Arms Public House, Roddlesworth, (Excellent beer and chip butties on the night, what a combination) a team collecting box (Not incidentally the one which resides in the same pub, and raises quite a bit for us, with thanks) was passed around those present.

The result as we have found out today was an amazing £41.60p raised for us, which added to the £160.00 already received, makes a grand total of £201.60p kindly and very supportively raised for us on the evening. (With thanks to all who helped fill up the collection box)