Bolton MRT send a contingent to attend this years Swaledale MRT “Joint Exercise Rescue Challenge.”

Early this evening, four team members; Team Training Officer Elaine Gilliland, and experienced team call out list members Steve Kenworthy, David Crawford and Gill Leigh all ventured north in our ‘BM4’ Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance, to take part in the pre-exercise ‘social,’ before tomorrows third annual Swaledale MRT ‘Joint Exercise Rescue Challenge.’

Team member John Fletcher joined them later this evening and all met up for curry, beer and no doubt little sleep! with a contingent from our close colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT, also attending the same exercise.

As the exercise starts early tomorrow morning, (And with the clocks changing) spare a thought for Bolton MRT member Chris Tennant who will be up even earlier, to travel up to Swaledale’s team area to join their five team mates for the exercise. (joining in with the Bolton MRT ‘six’ tomorrow will be two GMFRS Firefighters attending at our invitation.

A full report on this years Swaledale MRT Joint Exercise will appear within here within our website ‘News’ section shortly.