Team thanks Milliken Industrials Limited

This afternoon our President Bob Hutchinson and Life Vice President Tony McNally visited the Beech Hill, Wigan, plant of Milliken Industrials Ltd. The visit was to present a plaque to the Company as a token of thanks and gratitude for their provision of carpet tiles for our Ladybridge Hall base (see article in news section January 20th 2012). The pair were met at reception by the Business Technical Leader/Operations Manager Kath Thompson (who actually selected the tiles to suit our base colour scheme!). Kath then took Bob and Tony to the rest area where they were introduced to Jeremy Graham, Lead Director Milliken Europe; Claire Hillman,Trade Compliance Leader and, not least, re-introduced to Phil Lomax , one of the fitters who gave up their personal time to fit the tiles at our HQ.

Photo L to R: Tony McNally, Bob Hutchinson, Jeremy Graham, Kath thompson and Phil Lomax (Photo credit: Claire Hillman)

After a welcome drink of tea and a chat about the Team and its work, Bob and Tony expressed once more the Teams gratitude for the Company’s support and the commemorative plaque was presented to Jeremy Graham. The group were invited out to the car park to view one of our new vehicles (BM3) and much interest was shown both in the vehicle and in the considerable modifications to it and the kit carried in it. Then it was time to leave and let the gradely folk in Wigan return to producing quality carpet tiles to grace hotels, banks, corporate headquarters and Mountain Rescue Team bases!

Thanks again Milliken, you’ve made our base look special.