Further donation by Mr Waddicor to honour Gary Mitchell”s 50th birthday.

On Thursday 23rd February 2012 (See website full report dated the same) we reported on a number of donations made to the Bolton MRT in lieu of presents, to mark the 50th Birthday of Gary Mitchell of Darwen, Lancashire. On Monday the 5th March 2012 we reported a further very kind donation to mark Gary’s birthday, this time via the Charities Aid Foundation, of £19.00 from Mr Dean Waddicor of Hoddlesden, Darwen.

Today we are very pleased to report yet another donation by Mr Dean Waddicor via the Charities Aid Foundation, this time of £4.75p. This now brings the total of donations made to mark Gary Mitchell’s 50th Birthday to £448.75p. The whole team membership would like to thank once again Mr Dean Waddicor for his kind support in honouring Gary’s birthday in this way.