Absolutely fantastic donation from our dear friend and very valued supporter Jim Fletcher of the “Shed” Belthorn fame.

This afternoon, in our BM4 Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicle, team members Mike Marsh, Mike O’Brien, Tony Dawson, David Crawford and Kris Kilshaw, journeyed to Belthorn, Darwen to see our dear friend Jim Fletcher, of the ‘Shed’ Belthorn fame, to hand over a framed thank you certificate for donations raised by his hosting some team collection boxes at the ‘Shed.’

Here they met Jim and his wife, and thanked Jim for his absolutely fantastic fundraising for us over the years, in the ‘Shed’ not just for us but also the myriad of other charities he supports and fund raises for. (And has done so for many years)

Jim sadly informed the five team members present that due to personal reasons, he has had to close the ‘Shed,’ a valued community feature in Belthorn, and handed over three full collection boxes.

In a fantastic act of kindness and one he has done many times before for us, he then asked the five to wait a while, and then wrote out a fantastic personal cheque donation to the team for £500.00.

The whole team membership once again finds itself thanking Jim for such kind and very thoughtful support.

We all join together in wishing Jim thanks and our best wishes for his health in the future. “What a kind and thoughtful man.”