Incident 27/2012

Whilst in the Rivington Pike area for the Good Friday Pike Fair Celebrations, the crews of our BM2 and BM3 vehicles were approached by members of the public at 14.20hrs with reports of an injured youth on the slopes of Rivington Pike.

An immediate response was made, with the youth, a 14 years old male teenager from nearby Horwich, being quickly located and diagnosed with a possible hand fracture.
He was treated on scene, and then transported in our BM2 vehicle to meet up with a responding NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulance at the junction of Georges Lane and Chorley Old Road.

Meeting up with the NWAS Ambulance and his father at this point, the father stated he would take his son himself to hospital, and the team and NWAS Ambulance were stood down at 15.05hrs.

(The crews of our BM1 and BM4 vehicles were held on nearby standby if their assistance was also required on this incident, as it was they were not needed)
From the seventeen team members overall present, eight were directly involved in this incident.

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