Milliken Industrials Limited once more kindly furnish us with new Base / HQ carpets in our Kitchen area

Readers may recall that in late January this year, with considerable thanks to Milliken Industrials Limited, Beech Hill Plant, Wigan, the company supplied and fitted brand new carpet tiles to the main room and office areas of our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

This afternoon, Milliken Industrials Limited returned again, and completely re-carpeted the kitchen cum spare equipment store room of our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ in matching tiles to their previous fantastic work to our main room and office areas.

Prior to this on Wednesday evening, last night, team members had taken out of the kitchen area / spare equipment store room, the entire room contents (A large amount of cabinets and storage units) in readiness for the Milliken fitters arriving today.

As with the previous work, the team is extremely grateful to Kath Thompson, Senior Production Manager at Milliken Industrials Limited, Beech Hill, Wigan plant, for facilitating this very kind donation, not only of the carpet tiles but also of the fitters time.

(Milliken Industrials Limited had supplied all the original carpet tiles to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ when we first moved into the building, and with this gift they have now completely re-carpeted all our Base / HQ rooms and stairs landing area)

Despite our team policy of sweeping our stairwell and stairway carpets after almost every use of our premises and also the ‘blue plastic overshoe policy whilst in Base / HQ,’ (Visit us and you will find out what this means!) our stairwell and stairway carpet despite complete replacement in 2010, has also started to show more dirt and wear than we can reasonably keep clean.

With huge thanks to Milliken Industrials Limited, now they have completed all our upstairs rooms, at the conclusion of their work today (Excellent workmanship incidentally) they have so very kindly confirmed that they will now also completely replace our stairwell and stairway carpets, including our main entrance area. (so keep watching the website for news of this work having taken place)

All that was left for us to do tonight was to put back everything we had taken out the night previous!

Drinks spillages on our new carpet tiles are of course no longer acceptable so woe betide the first team member to commit this cardinal sin!