Support Group member Caroline Mitchell leaves the team due to change in work commitments

We have today bid farewell to a member of our Support Group, Caroline Mitchell. Caroline joined us in January 2010 and has been active in baking cakes for our fundraising stalls, being on duty at supermarket collections, helping out at Fete & Gala Days, attending fundraising events, looking after community collecting tins in part of our operational area and helping with various tasks at our HQ – including the important task of decorating the Christmas tree!

Caroline has undergone a recent change in her employment and now finds she no longer has the time to dedicate to the needs of the Team and Support Group, although she has offered to help on occasions when an extra pair of hands is called for.

So from the Support Group and the Operational Team joint membership a very big thank you, Caroline, for your involvement and support and best wishes for your future.