Two team members attend training session on “Awareness of the Impact of Critical Incidents on People.”

This afternoon, our Team President (A former Team Leader) Bob Hutchinson and team call out list member Martin Banks, attended a training session entitled ‘Awareness of the Impact of Critical Incidents on People,’ facilitated by the Foundation for Peace Centre.

The event was held within the grand building of Manchester Town Hall, with the invitation for the team to participate coming from Dom McHugh, Civil Contingencies Officer, Civil Contingencies and Resilience Unit, AGMA, Manchester City Council.

The event was aimed at those responders who would be involved in dealing with the humanitarian aspects of an incident, consisting of those involved in the response to emergencies, including category 1 & 2 responders, Crisis Support Workers, Rest Centre Managers and voluntary sector.

The impact of critical incidents is far reaching for the people who are affected by them. This half day seminar aimed to examine common reactions to expect following an incident, explore the needs of casualties, survivors and bereaved families in the immediate, medium and longer term and discuss what works and doesn’t work in terms the support people from a personal perspective of those affected.

The Course had the following aims;

  • To increase awareness of the impact of incidents on people and to:
  • Consider the immediate, medium and long term needs of people
  • To increase skills to respond to people following incidents
  • To examine the impact of responding on staff and volunteers
  • To devise strategies for self care following deployment

A personal account on today will appear here shortly.