Kind thanks from GMP Superintendent Simon Retford, regarding Incident 31-2012, Thursday 26th April 2012

This morning our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received from GMP Superintendent Operations, Trafford Division, Simon Retford, the following kind words regarding our involvement in the search operation of last night. (Incident 31-2012, Thursday 26th April 2012)

“Morning Garry,

I hope you are keeping well and I am glad to see that you are still in the thick of MRT activity, supporting GMP.

I asked that MRT resources be contacted yesterday, to assist with this search; and was really pleased to hear that Bolton MRT had been committed to support Trafford police.

I am greatly aware of the voluntary status of the Team, and the fantastic commitment of you and the Team members in supporting such policing operations.
Could you please pass on my thanks to all concerned, and circulate this email to the Team. I am always humbled by the enthusiasm of MRT members to turn out at all times of day, in all weathers; to support the police in responding to these types of incidents, and yet again I find myself extremely grateful for the professionalism and tenacity of you and your colleagues at Bolton.”

As we go to press, GMP Officers are involved in further searches this morning for the missing man.