Torrential rain does not stop team!

Amidst today’s torrential rain, Team Call Out list members and Support Group members met at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ this morning at 11am for our monthly Team Vehicle (And Trailers) Valet day and Base / HQ cleaning day.

Our team vehicles are generally cleaned after every use, as is our Base / HQ, but on the last Sunday of every month, a more ‘thorough’ comprehensive clean up takes place, including minor maintenance works at our Base / HQ.

Torrential rain and high winds today prevented the usual vehicle washing, waxing and polishing, with in place the vehicle interiors receiving their usual clean, alongside some essential search and rescue equipment audits and checks regards the items carried by all five of our team vehicles.

With other team members dusting / polishing and vacuuming our Base / HQ, our ‘in-house firm’ of interior decorators, namely Amanda Strickleton, Julie Thompson, and their ‘foreman’ Bob Hutchinson, our President, set to with the job of completely repainting the interior of our separate washroom building, (Toilets and shower room)

Team member Dave Marsh meanwhile, still soaked wet through from his mornings dog training with ‘Sasha’ set to carrying out repairs to our main entrance door.

The ‘Admin’ team were also busy , with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE writing up the incident report for Thursday nights search, Paul Brain busy sending a batch of recent incident reports in electronic format to our National MR Statistics and Steve Fletcher updating our five vehicle Sat Nav kits.

And of course in the middle of all this came our friend and supporter Andy Sharman and some of his family members to visit us with another kind donation in the memory of his wife, the late Jean Sharman(See separate report for today).

Busy working throughout most of the day was Chris Tennant, who carried out a very thorough yearly audit and re-check of all the teams very extensive Ordnance Survey map holding (Still essential to us despite the modern technology of iPhone and smart phone mapping, and hand held GPS units)

So even when not out operationally, hosting visits to our Base / HQ, engaged in training or essential fundraising, team members are still busy on a wet Sunday!