Update on Dave Marsh and Sasha, his trainee Drowned Victim search dog

Thursday, Friday and this morning saw Bolton MRT team member and former SARDA Dog Handler Dave Marsh out with his trainee DVSD Sasha (Drowned Victim Search Dog) undertaking their very first search dog training sessions outside the normal dog obedience type.

On Thursday, Dave and Sasha travelled over to Hulton Park, to undertake basic search training and indication tests. This was followed by meeting up with GMP Dog Trainer PC Joe Flood. Joe watched and made comments to improve the sequences and over a short period of time, the end results improved significantly.

Today saw another member of the Bolton MRT, Paul Chisholm, attending along
with his 20 week old Springer Spaniel, Beacon. Dave demonstrated basic heel work etc which lays the basic building blocks in dog training. As Beacon matures over the next 9-12 months, the training will differ with air scenting being brought to the fore.

Paul has booked a place with the dog trainers at Buddies, just off Chorley Old Road in Bolton. The training is overseen by Derek who coincidentally has trained Dave and his first search dog Chi and second dog Sasha, so there can be no better recommendation.

Please also see news report dated 22nd April 2012.