Visit by Westhoughton Beaver Scouts to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ

This evening the team was visited by a group of Beaver Scouts from Westhoughton, there follows an account of their visit by experienced team Call Out list member and former SARDA Dog Handler Dave Marsh;

“This evening saw the Westhoughton Beaver Scouts visiting the Team’s base.
Three leaders and 11 Beavers were hosted by team members Dave Marsh, Naomi Horan, Kris Kislhaw and Paul Chisholm.

After an initial welcome, followed by drinks and biscuits [and the
inevitable ’have you got a toilet mister?], the pack were
briefed about the Team and how it sits along the other emergency
services. The boys were asked to look around the main rooms
photo montage which brought about many questions as to why the Team
attended the various incidents whose photos were on display.

Naomi showed the trauma sack which prompted great delight when she
mentioned the word blood. [What is it with little boys and gore?].
Following on Paul and Kris decamped to the garage whereupon the
whistles and flutes on the motors were toot toot tooted to the great
delight of the youngsters.

Next up was a stretcher carry with one Beaver safely strapped into a
stretcher for a round the yard carry, being inverted finally by Paul
and Kris – much to the delight of all the others who were whooping with delight due to the fact the poor Beaver could not move.

This left time for an expression of thanks by all, with a timely
departure at 19-30 hrs.

There followed the customary chore of biscuit extraction from the
carpet with the help from the hoover, before lock up and departure.