Team plays host to a visit by Salvation Army Church Ladies Group

This evening we were visited at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by an interested group of visitors from the Salvation Army Church Ladies Group.

There follows team member Dave Marsh’s account of the visit;

“This evening saw team members Dave Marsh, Chris Tennant and Mike
O’Brien meeting and greeting seventeen guests form the Salvation Army Church
Ladies Group,
who were visiting the Team’s base for a lecture and equipment display.
Following the numerous cups of tea and coffee, the team members
chatted about what the team does, where we fit
in the local and regional Mountain rescue service, and what we, as
Team members get acquainted with during the course of a normal 12
months in the Team.

Literally, just as the tour concluded and goodbyes were being said,
the pagers went off and the three team members zoomed off to an
incident in Worsley.”