Team SAR Boat Training

Further to a training exercise undertaken using our 3.5m semi-rigid inflatable SAR Boat on Wednesday 16th May 2012, in Valentines Quarry, in the Charters Moss area of Turton, some further familiarity with our SAR Boat took place this morning, concentrating around general boat handling skills.

There follows an account of this mornings training by experienced team call out list member Dave Marsh ;

“Now that better weather is upon us [tongue in cheek], three team
members decided to reacquaint themselves with the Team’s 3.5m semi-rigid inflatable search boat.

Dave Marsh, John Dickinson and David Cook undertook the short journey
to High Rid Reservoir, Horwich this morning for a familiarity session
on dry land before embarking on the water. This included the donning of the team’s buoyancy jackets and suitable PPE clothing prior to starting up the engine. The refresher session included man overboard scenario, mooring to a buoy, transiting into and out of the boat, docking nose in and reversing in.
All this whilst former SARDA Dog Handler Dave Marsh’s new trainee Drowned Victim Search Dog Sasha was enjoying her first trip in the boat as part of the training which is required to be successfully completed before any assessment can be undertaken.

Training exercise, Wednesday 16th May, Valentine’s Quarry

Training exercise, Wednesday 16th May, Valentine’s Quarry

It can also be noted whilst David and John were completing their ’refresher’, Dave and Sasha were carrying out a small area search on dry land with an indication test which was completed very successfully.

Further training/refresher periods with our SAR Boat will be undertaken with all team members having the opportunity to participate. Updates will follow as