Team provides Standby Rescue Cover for yet another Rivington / Horwich race and also witnesses 500x pairs of bright pink “Bunny Ears,” … Read on!

This very damp, gloomy and chilly ‘summer!’ evening saw the team providing Standby Rescue Cover for a new short ‘Fell Race / Run’ in the area, organised as part of the Horwich Festival of Racing Series, and taking the form of a Trail Race through the Rivington Terraced Gardens, and higher parts of Lever Park.

Twenty two team members, and all five of our team vehicles were deployed around the course, ready for the 19.30hrs start.

Maybe it was the totally miserable weather today and this evening, or maybe it was the England Match, but the expected number of runners was way down, with only twenty one keen runners turning up.

Two laps around the course, and with no one missing or injured, saw a relatively quick finish to our involvement.

At the same time as this event was taking place, Lancashire Border County Guides were also having their annual walk along Georges Lane, including an ascent of Rivington Pike.

As a formality we had been informed of this event, and though not involved in it, the route was nearby to the event route we were covering, and so a few of the team members out popped by to say hello to all the walkers taking part in the Lancashire Border County Guides Walk.

As our Mountain Rescue Land Rovers ‘BM1’ and ‘BM2’ travelled along the moorland track of Georges Lane, they were greeted by a very well organised and disciplined group of just over five hundred Brownies, Guides, Rangers, and their Leaders and helpers, walking towards their goal for the evening; an ascent of Rivington Pike.

Everyone wore a pair of bright pink ‘Bunny Ears,’ (Strangely we never asked why) and we drew lots of smiles, waves and hello’s from all taking part, young and not so young.

Team member Ana Toole (Her young niece was on the walk) whilst sat in our Land Rover ‘BM1’ said she felt like Royalty, what with all the Guides waving at her !
The Guides walk was excellently organised, and even had ‘Escorting Vehicles’ at the head and rear of the ‘column’ of over 500x walkers.

Thankfully the evenings rain storms stayed away for the duration of their walk, and at the end of their walk, our ‘BM1’ vehicle crew were very kindly handed hot pasties and ginger breads from the walks finishing point / catering tent, to kindly hand out to all the team members who had been covering the Trail Race.

Those team members who saw the walk would like to thank all the members of the Guides taking part for their waves, smiles and friendliness shown to the team, and of course a big thank you from all the team members out tonight who benefitted from a ‘Pasty and ginger Bread’ supper thanks to the kindness of the Guides Catering Team.