A bit of decorating and a new sign, keeps both our bases spick and span

Today during our monthly Vehicles and Base Valet Day, (Usually the last Sunday in every month if any of our readers want to join us) besides the thorough cleaning of all five of our team vehicles and our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by the team Call Out list members present, Team Support Group members Sarah Hindle and Amanda Strickleton set too, repainting the walls of our entrance stairwell. (Team call out list member Chris Greenhalgh was the first to forget about drying paint, hence his now magnolia and blue team sweatshirt!)

Next for the Support Group makeover team of Sarah and Amanda was the rear interior wall of our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, which received a new coat of white emulsion (This time Chris Greenhalgh stayed well away!)

Meanwhile at our GMFRS Bolton Central Fire Station garage building, the over the double garage doors large ‘Bolton Mountain Rescue Team’ signboard had been removed earlier this year, after showing the effects of weathering since it was first erected a few years back with thanks to Marshalls PLC who kindly supplied the sign at the time.

Team call out list member Martin Banks recently kindly arranged for his employer, AXA Technology Services Limited of Lytham, Lancashire, to produce and supply a brand new signboard, which on Wednesday evening, 20th June 2012, was erected in place at our Bolton Fire Station garage, by team members Nick Berry and Chris Tennant, hence our presence at GMFRS Bolton Central Fire Station, with tremendous thanks to GMFRS for their kindness in allowing us to use the large double appliance bay garage, is once more advertised for all to see.