Incident 45/2012

At 15.04hrs this afternoon, NWAS (Manchester) paged us for assistance with evacuating a woman who had suffered an ankle injury, in fields near to Fir Tree Flash, in the Firs Lane / Westleigh area of Leigh, Wigan.

Whilst dog walking in the company of her friend Christina Dale, the 65 year old woman from the leigh area, had been accidentally tripped up by the dogs, sustaining a very painful suspected fracture dislocation of her right ankle.

An NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulance from Hindley Ambulance Station was very quickly on scene, with the crew splinting the woman’s ankle and administering morphine for the woman’s pain.

The team was required to stretcher evacuate the woman from the field in which she had had her accident, with a full team pager call out message being sent at 15.13hrs.

Two Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances went mobile at 15.16hrs from our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ and Bolton Central Fire Station garage respectively, with team members Chris Tennant and Alistair Greenough arriving first on scene at 15.34hrs followed by our BM2 vehicle at 15.36hrs and our BM1 vehicle at 15.39hrs.

The injured woman who was in remarkably good spirits despite her painful injury, was placed on to our specialist SAR Alpine Lite Mountain Rescue Stretcher, and then carried the short distance back across the field to the waiting NWAS Ambulance, which departed at circa 16.00hrs with the woman to Wigan Hospital.

In total eleven Bolton MRT call out list members attended this incident, with five directly involved in her stretcher evacuation.

A further two team members were stood down responding.

Thanks as ever to NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Control Centre for their help and assistance with directing us to the incident location.