Visit to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by 12th Bolton Cub Scouts

This evening the team hosted a visit by the Cubs and Leaders from 12th Bolton Cub Scouts. There follows an account of this evenings visit by very experienced team call out list member Mike Marsh.

“This evening the team was visited by a group of very interested Cub Scouts from 12th Bolton Scout Group. Four leaders and the Cubs were met by team call out list members Mike Marsh and Kris Kilshaw.

After the initial welcome by Mike the Cubs were shown the equipment carried on the Team Land Rovers based at our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ, by Kris and Mike.

This included the contents of the Trauma Care Sack and demonstrating the use of the vacuum splints and our various stretchers.

The highlight of the evening was the chance for the Cubs to carry one of their Leaders on one of our SAR Alpine Lite Stretchers, with all the Cubs having to promise not to drop her!

After a look through the inside of our Land Rover Bolton Mobile One, the Cubs gathered together for a group photo with Mike and Kris in front of the vehicle after which they presented a very surprised Mike and Kris with a marvellous and very generous donation of £100.00.

On behalf of all the team membership, Mike and Kris passed on their grateful thanks for such a thoughtful and very supportive donation.