Update on Team member Dave Marsh and Sasha, his Trainee Drowned Victim Search Dog

Here is the latest instalment of Bolton MRT team member and former SARDA Dog Handler Dave Marsh’s account of his continuing training with his trainee DVSD Sasha (Drowned Victim Search Dog)

“During the time our ex SARDA England Search Dog Handler [Dave Marsh] has been involved with the use and training of dogs for search purposes, he has established a network of likeminded people to which he can turn for help and guidance.

Yesterday, (Tuesday 10th July) along with his youngest daughter Ellie, he called upon two of these contacts for assistance.

So yesterday afternoon saw the Marshes visiting the Greater Manchester Police Dog section at Hough End, South Manchester.

There they were greeted by GMP Dog Instructors Joe Flood and Ian McilIwraith who openly discussed the use and training methods they employed to get the best out of dogs being trained for search work. Following the office based chat, Dave was asked to demonstrate to what level he was at with his new Search Dog Sasha. Following this, the actions were broken down and discussed and pointers were given for improvement.

Today, Dave once again met up with Joe over on a private estate near Wigan. Joe dissected the actions of both Dave and Sasha, before commencing to rebuild the find and alert sequence, which resulted in a better performance all round. Dave will now be able to concentrate on the basic find sequence for the next two weeks as Joe is away on holiday. Hopefully, when he gets back, Dave and Sasha will have a bomb proof find sequence. [more news on this as and when].

Dave Marsh would like to take the opportunity to thank Greater Manchester Police for their hospitality, Ian for his many progressive tips and also Joe, who took time out today from his rest day to assist Dave and Sasha.”

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