St John Ambulance (Bolton) visits team

There follows an account of tonight’s visit by team member Paul Copley.

This evening the team was visited by a group from St John Ambulance Dave Stones the organiser and 5 other personal were met with Tea and Biscuits by team call out list members Naomi Horam, “This evening the team was visited by a group from St John Ambulance (Bolton) who journeyed to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.
Division Officer (Bolton) David Styles their organiser, and five other SJA personnel were met with tea and biscuits by team call out list members Naomi Horam, (Our Equipment Officer-Medical) Kris Kilshaw and Paul Copley.

The evening got off to an interesting start as one lady stated she was popping to her car and some 20 minutes later after calls to her mobile met no reply, concerns mounted as to her whereabouts, so a mini search of the Ladybridge Hall grounds was mounted, and as this was going on the lady drove up in her car very apologetic as she had driven home to use the loo!!! (Well our toilet block is reputedly haunted)

After the initial welcome by Kris, we were inundated with great questions and interest into what we did, the hours we contributed, our equipment, availability and a great many other questions.

The group were then shown some of the equipment we routinely use in the team. This included the contents of the Trauma Care Sack and demonstrating the use of the vacuum splints and our various stretchers. The group then participated in some small ‘hands on’ demonstrations with the equipment, with the St John Ambulance group being the mock casualties which led to more inquisitive questioning.

We then moved down to the garage to show them the two team Land Rovers based at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ and the rest of the equipment carried on the vehicles

The evening drew to a close with Dave expressing an interest in St John Ambulance participating in a joint exercise with Bolton MRT in the future, which we will gladly accommodate.

On behalf of all the team membership, Naomi, Kris and Paul passed on their thanks to St John Ambulance (bolton) for coming along to see the team.”