Team member Neil Ramsbottom leaves the team for pastures new abroad

In mid October 2011,The team welcomed back into the membership fold very experienced former team call Out list member,Neil Ramsbottom, who had left the team in September 2008.

Neil Ramsbottom, aged thirty, originally joined the team on 10th May 2003, leaving after just over five years service on 18th September 2008, to go to University for three years, and with his course finished he requested and was accepted back in to the team as of Wednesday 12th October 2011.

Neil a keen rock climber brought back to the team his wealth of mountaineering experience, both in the UK and abroad.

Just recently Neil was given an employment opportunity for the next two years in Germany, which he has accepted meaning that once more he has decided to leave the team, albeit with a promise to return in 2014!

Wednesday evening 25th July saw Neil standing down from our Call Out list membership to concentrate on evening German language lessons in preparation for his move to Germany in September.

The whole team membership extends its congratulations to Neil on this new posting to Germany and wishes him all the best in his developing career.

We currently have forty five operational Call Out List members (Inclusive of four members on our ’Reserve List’)

We also have twelve members in our Support Group, which assists the team on searches and larger scale rescues by providing catering support, generally helping the team on non operational tasks, and greatly assists with our fundraising.

As of today the team can boast of a total membership, all actively involved in the team, of fifty seven individuals aged from twenty to seventy, from such diverse professions as an Arboricultural Operative to a Fireman, Company Directors to Sales Assistants, Electricians to a Disc Jockey, Teachers to an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor, an RSPCA Inspector to Nurses, we have an ex Mines Rescuer, a former Police Traffic Inspector and a fair sprinkling of retired folk.