Team once again meets GMP Police Cadets

Every year GMP run a very successful local Cadet Scheme for teenagers interested in the work of the Police, with most having a direct interest in joining the Police.

As part of the scheme, each year the Cadets and their Leaders visit the Bolton MRT for a hands on session with our search and rescue equipment, and to be given an insight in to our work.

This mornings visit saw Cadets and their Leaders arriving at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for 10.00hrs to be greeted by very experienced team member and former SARDA handler Dave Marsh and team member Paul Chisholm.

As we have come to expect the Cadets were all very interested in our work and role, and enjoyed some ‘hands on’ demonstrations with our team search and rescue equipment.

The true star of the mornings visit was Dave’s trainee Drowned Victim Search Dog Sasha, who is now well in to her very specialised training with Dave.

The team wishes all the enthusiastic Cadets present today all the best for their future hopeful careers in the Police for those wishing such.