July 2012 end of month “Team Collection boxes” report

We are very pleased to announce our July month end 2012 collection box figures, with £184.60p collected, against (Almost exactly the same figure) £184.08p for July 2011.

Our year to date (Up to July 31st 2012) collection box income figure is a marvellous £1,985.23p, against £2,354.31p for the same period last year.

We currently have 125x collection boxes out and about in the teams operational area and with a small number of individual supporters.

The number of boxes we have out and about has unfortunately been steadily dropping over the last six months, perhaps a sign of these hardened financial times.

As ever we offer our sincere thanks to all who so kindly host a box and of course to the large number of supporters who contribute to so regularly filling up all our boxes out and about.