Our 2nd Hand book stock is now neatly packaged and ready for sales / donations at an event near you!

For quite a few years now our extensive stock of 2nd hand books, which we use for fundraising purposes at events the teams displays at, has lived in a collection of cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes, which inevitably does little to protect the excellent condition 2nd hand books we use for fundraising purposes.

This evening Team Support Group members Gillian Gregory, Amanda Strickleton, Sarah Hindle and Laura Tunnicliffe completed the mammoth task of cataloguing all our 2nd hand book stock, disposing of hard to sell titles, but more importantly placing all our ‘For Sale’ stock in shallow rigid and lidded plastic stacking storage boxes.

In one go this has eased our storage issues, provides for easy handling and transport to venues, allows for easy to see display of everything we have and provides lidded waterprooof protection if it rains (Which it does a lot!) at team displays.

When operating our 2nd hand book stalls at team displays, our Team Support Group state simply that “Any donation for the item of your choice is accepted,” as we do not advertise nor ask for any fixed prices / donations offers against the various books we have on offer.

See us next at Darwen Gala on Saturday 18th August 2012, where our Team Vehicles and there search and rescue equipment will also be on display.