Police release identity details on the male involved in our Incident 56 – Friday evening, 10th August 2012

We can now confirm (Sadly) the identity of the deceased male we recovered from Cox Green Quarry, Egerton, late on the evening of Friday 10th August 2012 and into the early hours of Saturday 11th August 2012. (Please see Incident 56-2012 dated the same)

As widely reported in this mornings media, the deceased persons identity is the late Edward Sutton, aged 53 years, who went missing from his Cloister Drive, Darwen home on Saturday afternoon, 28th July 2012 in circumstances giving Police concern for his well being.

On Monday 30th July 2012, as part of the on going at the time investigation into the disappearance of Edward Sutton, the Bolton MRT were tasked with the searching of some areas of land in the Leverhulme Park area of Bolton. (Please see Incident 54-2012 Monday 30th July 2012)

The team extends its full condolences to all who knew the late Mr Edward Sutton.