Team welcomes a guest visitor from Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team

Late this morning we welcomed to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ Paul Chamberlain, Chair of Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team.

Paul was met by Team Call Out list members Dave Marsh and Martin Banks, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and our Secretary Gillian Gregory.

Paul had contacted our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE last week enquiring as to our use of our Control Trailer as Norfolk LSART were considering purchasing such a trailer for use within their team and were basically fact finding on the use of such trailers.

Paul learnt that with our impending purchase of a Control Vehicle our Control Trailer will shortly become surplus to our needs, and so Paul came to visit us to inspect our Control Trailer with a view to its future use being with the Norfolk team.

Whilst present and in previous arrangement with our Team Leader, Paul also collected some search and rescue equipment items for his team which were surplus to our needs, having been replaced within our team by newer purchased items.

Paul was very pleased to hear that at a Bolton MRT team meeting last Wednesday, the Bolton MRT membership had decided to make this equipment donation free of charge.

Paul collected for his team the following items; 2x Dragon Magnum Scene Lighting Units, each complete with charging units and Tripod stands, 1x Pathfinder hand Searchlamp unit complete with charger, 2x MIBS (Multi Integrated Body Stretchers) Stretchers and 26x battery powered hand torch lamps.

Paul was also informed that we’ll have further search and rescue kit items, including more lighting units and some splints, to donate over the next few months as new equipment comes on line within the Bolton MRT rendering some items surplus to our requirements.

Paul will now take back to his team in Norfolk the generous offer we have made to the Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team regards the future user of our existing Control Trailer, and we await their comment and possible acceptance of such.

The Bolton MRT has in the past made many free equipment donations to Search and Rescue Teams who have been in their formative years and perhaps not had the resources at the time that we could offer to them by way of surplus items from our team.

Included in such previous free donations has been a Renault Minibus Ambulance to Hampshire SAR Team, a very large quantity of thermal jackets and separate waterproof jackets to Cornwall SRT, and to Cheshire SAR Team, two Troll Alphin Mountain Rescue Stretchers, a ‘full weight’ Casualty Bag, our previous Control Trailer, hand search lamps / lighting units and many lengths of ‘drag’ / low angle use ropes.