Team Call Out List membership latest

Not previously mentioned has been the recruitment of our latest Probationary / Trainee Team member into the Call Out list membership of the team.

Nigel Booth, aged forty six of Bradshaw, Bolton, recently joined the team after attending a number of exercises with us in his full time capacity as Watch Manager with GMFRS at Bolton North Fire Station.

Nigel brings to the team his outdoor skills and experiences combined with his considerable experiences as a member of the GMFRS Training School and as an operational Firefighter.

We currently have forty five operational Call Out list members in the team.

For all those persons who have been asking over the last year plus as to when we are going to reopen recruitment again, (We last held a recruitment session for the operational side of the team in November 2010) the good news is we are holding a recruitment intake in late October this year with a view to taking on a small number of Probationary / Trainee Team members.

So if you are interested in joining keep watching our website for news of our next recruitment intake.