Absolutely fantastic “Ruby Wedding” donation by our valued friend John Barlow and his wife Sue Barlow.

In this morning’s post our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received from our long standing and very valued friend John Barlow and his wife Sue a wonderfully thoughtful and very kind donation to the team.

John Barlow came to be known by the team via his involvement with the Annual Edgworth Real Ale Festival, where he sat on the organising committee, and as regular followers of our website will recall, led to the ERAF donating two huge sums of money to the team in 2009 and 2010.

In their letter to our Team Leader accompanying their very kind donation, Sue and John Barlow stated:

“Dear Garry, I trust you might remember me from the time I was involved with the Edgworth Real Ale Festival.” (Webmaster; I can assure you Garry has not forgotten you)

“My wife and I have just celebrated our Ruby Wedding and elected to have donations to charity rather than presents. We offered two charities to our guests, yours being one of them and now enclose cheques totalling £400.00 as our gift to the Team.”

“Although not a great deal I am sure you will be able to put it to good use. Please convey my very best wishes to all in the Team. Yours sincerely John and Sue Barlow.”

The team membership would like to extend its belated congratulations to John and Sue Barlow on the wonderful occasion of their Ruby Wedding Anniversary, and offer our sincere thanks for their thoughtful support of the Bolton MRT in nominating us to their Wedding anniversary guests as one of two charities to support to mark their anniversary.

The team membership would also like to extend its sincere and appreciated thanks to all who made a donation to the team to honour the occasion of John and Sue Barlow’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary.