An open invitation to past team members to visit the team

Having existed since September 1968, the team has understandably had a huge number of members pass through its ranks over the years (One even having been in at the start and to this day remains an active hill going operational ‘Call Out’ list member, our Life Vice President Alan ‘General’ James).

It is very common that whilst out and about we come across former team members or even the more familiar; “My son / daughter / father / mother / uncle / ‘insert whatever you wish,’ used to be in the Bolton MRT.”

Of course the longer one serves in the team – and we have many long serving operational members, the more one has seen members come and go (As long as the old memory kicks into action)

Yesterday our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE bumped into former team member (And a former excellent Team Treasurer) Steve Thomas in Bolton, and as is often the case his tiny daughter from a great many years ago when Steve was in the team is now grown up and off to University.

As ever old (And great) times were recalled.

Former team member Steve Berry regularly visits us on exercise and standby rescue covers alongside a host of others we meet up with at times (Including former Deputy Team Leader Dave Dorgan and his wife, Tricia, also an former team member)

The topic of conversation usually revolves about how things have changed and always ends with wishes for our continued success.

Via this website we would like to extend a warm invitation to any former team members who may wish to visit us on an indoor Wednesday night training session, or even come out on an outdoor Wednesday night exercise with us (The team kit may have changed but members commitment to such training and desire to have a good laugh will be familiar)

Just contact our Team Leader on to arrange such, and we’ll be happy to welcome you. (Old Team Sweaters, flat caps, and the now almost forgotten and highly valued team badge may be worn to remind those current team members just how much things have changed!)