Incident 65/2012

This week started with a Call Out for our Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog team and ended today with another call Out for the same.

At circa 15.00hrs this afternoon, Bolton MRT Team member and SARDA (Wales) Search Dog handler Steve Nelson, received an initial call from SARDA (Wales) to possibly assist NEWSAR, who were in turn working with Cheshire Search and Rescue Team, on a search operation to locate a missing 80 year old male in the Frodsham area of Cheshire.

At circa 15.30hrs Steve with his Trailing Dog Boris were put on formal standby, and then called out, with Steve and Boris deploying to the Fordsham area at 16.45hrs.

Upon arrival Steve received his briefing, and was starting to deploy when news was received that the missing male had been located by a Police Search Party.
Steve and Boris returned home at 19.30hrs.

The following account of the search operation is from the website of Cheshire Search and Rescue Team (With additional explanatory details from ourselves);

Call Out 15 September and 16th September 2012.

Whilst traveling home from supporting Warrington’s got talent we received a call from Cheshire Police requesting assistance to search for a missing male in Frodsham. Those attending the event immediately deployed to assist and were joined by other members just before 23:00hrs.

Just three days after receiving life jackets that were donated by members of Warrington Youth Club (who had given up a large part of their summer fundraising to buy them) they were used to search river banks and edges of still water to search for the missing male.

The team was stood down and the last members left Frodsham Police Station at 05:30hrs. The search resumed in the morning of Sunday 16th September, and Police teams, Cheshire Search and Rescue teams and teams with a mixture of both worked alongside each other throughout the day.

In the afternoon our very good friends and colleagues at SARDA Wales (Bolton MRT Steve Nelson and Search Dog / Trailing Dog Boris) and NEWSAR (North East Wales Search and Rescue Team) joined us with a view to searching through the night and our very good friends and colleagues from Staffordshire SART were preparing to join us in the morning to search with us throughout the next day.

Cheshire Police located the male just after 18:00hrs and he was treated by two of our medics (who were trained for free by the faculty of ATACC) until the ambulance service arrived on scene shortly thereafter.

The search involved Cheshire SART, Warrington Youth Club’s young people’s fundraising, the residents of Frodsham, Cheshire Police, North West Ambulance Service, a mountain rescue team (NEWSAR) our dog team, a SARDA Wales Trailing Dog Team (Bolton MRT handler Steve Nelson and Dog Boris) a neighbouring lowland search and rescue team (Staffordshire SART) and the faculty of ATACC.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their assistance that led to a great result.