Visit to Bolton MRT by Flixton Dog Training Club

This evening the team were pleased to welcome to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ a visit by the members of Flixton Dog Training Club.

There follows an account of the evening visit by team member Dave Marsh;

“This evening, very experienced Team members Dave Marsh, Steve Nelson and Paul Chisholm along with their dogs Sasha, Boris and Bella, were in attendance at this evenings lecture awaiting members from Flixton Dog Training Club.

Dave Marsh was a former Search Dog handler with SARDA (England), up to the sad death of his air scenting Search Dog Chi. Dave is currently training his new dog, Sasha to be a Drowned Victim Search Dog, with their training progressing very well.

Steve Nelson is a current Search Dog handler, operating via SARDA (Wales) with his specialist Trailing Dog Boris, and has recently been active on two searches over the last week.

Meanwhile Paul Chisholm is at the very start of his ambition to become a search dog handler, and has commenced his ‘bodying’ experience with SARDA (England)
So what better qualified team members to meet our visitors from Flixton Dog Training Club.

Unfortunately the omens were against an early arrival of our guests as first an accident on the M60 slowed them down, followed by a full carriageway closer on Beaumont Road, due to another traffic accident.

This all had a knock on effect, with some members of the club turning up very late and others returning home prior to the visit.

This all resulted in eighteen Flixton Dog Training Club members arriving, to hear what we do at Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. There followed a brief history of the Team and what we do, with the main topic [naturally of course] centred around the team’s dogs.

At circa 22.20hrs the evening was brought to a close with our visitors travelling back without any further hindrance to their travel arrangements.

Prior to their departure, the Flixton Dog Training Club members present handed over to Dave, Steve and Paul a very generous donation of £115-00.”

The whole Bolton MRT membership wishes to extend its sincere thanks to all our friends at Flixton Dog Training Club for their obvious interest and enthusiasm for the Bolton MRT and our work, and for their generous and very kind donation made during their visit.