Organisers of the 2013 LDWA Anglezarke Amble visit our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

This evening, prior to the start of our weekly training session, husband and wife, Ian and Karen Wardle, members of the West Lancashire Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) visited our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for a meeting with our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes MBE.

The basis of the meeting was to discuss the teams provision of standby rescue cover for the West Lancs LDWA 2013 Anglezarke Amble event, being held on Saturday 9th February 2013.

Held annually for a considerable number of years now, this challenging sixteen or twenty four mile moorland event (Depending on which route participants wish to undertake) takes in Rivington, Anglezarke, Darwen and Turton Moors, with a start and finish at Rivington.

The event has taken place generally without incident but last year severe freezing ground conditions gave rise to a number of problems, and the organisers have felt prudent to now ask for some help from the Bolton MRT for their future Anglezarke Amble events.

The team has agreed to provide cover for the 2013 event, which will involve liaising with their marshal points at various check points around the course, and responding to any requests for our assistance.

RAYNET are also involved, providing a comprehensive radio communications network to the LDWA organisers on the progress of those taking part in the event.