Incident 67/2012

Late yesterday evening, Saturday 29th September, the team was contacted by Peter Goble, Team Leader of Rossendale & Pendle MRT, regards the possibility of the team being called to assist RPMRT in an ongoing search operation for a missing person in the Norden area of Rochdale.

At the same time, the services of our SARDA Trailing Dog was also requested, in both cases to assist with a continuation of the search planned for this morning (Sunday 30th September)

This morning, with adequate resources available to Rossendale & Pendle MRT the need for Bolton MRT team members to assist was not required.

However, our SARDA Trailing Dog Boris and his handler Steve Nelson was still required to attend joined by our Training Officer Elaine Gilliland who acted as Steve’s navigator.

Steve and Elaine, along with Boris arrived at the search RVP at circa 08:30 in the vicinity of the Naden and Greenbooth valley, immediately north of Norden, Rochdale.

They were tasked with various searches in the area which Steve, Boris and Elaine completed by early afternoon, returning home by 14:15. The search continued after Steve and Elaine had left and at this stage involved members of Rossendle & Pendle MRT, Greater Manchester Police resources, and SARDA (air scenting) dogs from Oldham MRT (two dogs & two handlers), Calder Valley SRT (one dog & handler) and Glossop MRT (one dog & handler).

Please refer to Rossendale & Pendle MRT’s website for further details on this incident.