Team commences MREW Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Course

Set to dominate the majority of our Wednesday night training sessions between now and the end of January 2013, following which the dreaded examinations will take place (!) is our MREW Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Course.

This course developed over a great many years is the ‘benchmark’ casualty care course undertaken by those in mountain rescue within England and Wales.

The multi session long syllabus is very comprehensive, and ends with a stringent written examination, and practical medical and trauma exercise scenarios. (Which in our case are scheduled for February 2013)

The course has to be retaken every three years and for those longer serving Bolton MRT members it has become something definitely ‘not to look forward to!’ despite our 100% pass rate (Ok allowing sometimes for the odd retake)

All Bolton MRT active operational members have to undertake this course, hence its inclusion on our routine Wednesday evening training programme.

Tonight with the start of the course, we were all assessed for basic casualty approach, Basic Life Support (BLS) and CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
With thanks to our regular training in this and the quality of routine training given in such, all members who were able to ‘tested’ on this tonight (Thirty three team members present) all successfully passed with flying colours.

Next week will see the team membership covering casualty record keeping and history taking, combined with a systematic approach to casualty examinations.
Thanks to Bolton MRT members Alistair Greenough (A full time A&E Nurse) Mark Scott (An NWAS accredited CPR Trainer) and Gyles Denn (a Medical Trainer) for putting us through our paces tonight.