Potential new team member October 2012 Recruitment intake update

Regards our October 2012 potential new team member recruitment intake, for persons interested in joining the operational team membership, we can report that to date we have now received seventeen applications of interest via our online application form, with (so far) eight confirmed attendees.

All the applications received have been of a very high calibre and if previous intakes are anything to go by over the next few remaining weeks we can expect a great many more interested applicants.

To date the applicants have included two GMP Police Officers, a Nurse, a Sound Engineer, a HGV Driver, an IT business owner, a Gardener / Tree Surgeon, two Medical Doctors, a Company Director, an Engineer, an Electrical Apprentice, and a Customer Consultant,

Please note that potential applicants need to be aware of the obvious requirement to live and work near to or within our primary operational team area, to be able to respond in a timely manner to call outs and also to be a reasonable travel (distance) time for training and other team activities.

If applications are received from persons who live nearer to another MRT Base / HQ or area, we will generally redirect their interest to their nearest mountain rescue team.

To find out more about joining the Bolton MRT operational team membership, please look at our Membership page, which includes full details on membership requirements and a link to the initial application form.

All potential applicants are strongly advised to have a detailed look over our website ‘news’ pages to fully appraise themselves of what we get up to and where we routinely operate.

Our October recruitment intake consists of three sessions, all of which have to be attended, Thursday evening, 25th October, all day Sunday 28th October and Wednesday evening, 31st October 2012.

If you are interested in joining us please do not delay and apply on line now.