Search for April Jones, Machynlleth

A huge search operation continued today for five year old April Jones, missing from Machynlleth since Monday evening, 1st October.

Readers of our website will already know from the extensive media coverage that a great many Mountain Rescue Teams, SARDA (Wales) SARDA (England) and Cave Rescue assets have been and remain active in the search for April, alongside Police Officers, RAFMRT, Coastguard and RNLI, assisted of course by many volunteers from the local community.

This morning and again this evening, a number of mountain rescue teams, including Bolton MRT, in the Greater Manchester area, fringing the Peak District and in South Lancashire were requested to declare their availability either to send personnel to the on going search operation, or confirm their availability to assist in other mountain rescue operations that may occur in North Wales, given that a number of North Wales MRTs (And South Wales MRTs also) have been active through the week in and around Machynlleth, and will remain so over the weekend.

Oldham MRT, Glossop MRT and Rossendale and Pendle MRT have all agreed to send team members to assist and support the continuing search operation to find young April, with SARDA assets from this area also deploying again to help with the search.

Bolton MRT is committed tomorrow (Saturday 6th October) to providing Standby Rescue Cover for an organised moorland marathon event on and around Winter Hill, Rivington and Anglezarke, and so we have declared that we are only able to assist once our commitment to this event concludes.

As such at this moment in time, due to some other MRTs that normally operate in and around Greater Manchester being deployed to Machynlleth, the Bolton MRT will in turn be ‘covering’ a wider than normal part of Greater Manchester should our help be required.

(Please also see website ‘news’ reports for Wednesday 3rd October and Thursday 4th October, when Bolton MRT member and SARDA (Wales) Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, deployed to Machynlleth with his specialist trailing Dog Boris)