Team members return from Search and Rescue Dog Association national training events

This morning Bolton MRT team member and SARDA (Wales) Trailing Dog Handler Steve Nelson along with his Trailing Dog Boris, returned from the NSARDA training weekend for ‘Mountain Rescue Trailing Dogs’ in Patterdale, Cumbria.
(Steve with Boris had previously spent Wednesday and Thursday last week deployed in Wales assisting with the April Jones search operation – see website Incidents 68 / 69-2012)

Steve was joined on the Patterdale NSARDA weekend by Bolton MRT colleague and Team Training Officer Elaine Gilliland, who gained much from the weekend in regards to what is required when acting as a ‘navigator’ for a Search Dog Handler.

Meanwhile this same weekend, Bolton MRT team member Paul Chisholm, who is starting out on the long training route with regards to his wish to become a Mountain Rescue Air Scenting Dog Handler, was on the SARDA (England) training weekend held in Brecon, South Wales, where he acted the role of an ‘exercise casualty / body,’ for SARDA handlers and their dogs to find.