Thanks received from Oldham MRT regards Incident 72-2012

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received the following comments from Oldham MRT Deputy Team Leader Dave Knight, regards our Incident 72-2012 when we covered a search incident on behalf of Oldham MRT as they were otherwise deployed on the Machynlleth April Jones search operation.

“Garry, Just a brief note to say thank you and to you and your team for the assistance in providing cover for Oldham MRT at Boggart Hole Clough on the 7th October. Your timely telephone contact and offer of assistance was greatly appreciated and could you convey my thanks to all of your team members who helped out.”

“I understand from the information drifting through that the search was successful even if the outcome was perhaps not what we all hope for when we set out to find a missing person. Regards, Dave.”

All the Mountain rescue Teams which operate routinely in Greater Manchester (Bolton, Rossendale and Pendle, Oldham, Kinder and Glossop) do so in total co-operation and maintain close liaisons with each other through meetings and during periods of heightened work loads, such as in wintry conditions, often mutually aiding each other.