Membership recruitment latest. Very important message if you wish to be considered for team membership

We are currently advertising for new members, with the first of our (Three part) potential new member intake / recruitment sessions for 2012 starting next week on the evening of Thursday 25th October 2012.

Please note our on-line potential member initial application form and hence our 2012 recruitment process will close down on the evening of Sunday 21st October 2012.

We will honour and answer all membership applications made up to this date but will not be able to accept any more applications beyond this date.

We do not envisage any further recruitment in to the active operational call out membership of the team until at least Autumn 2013, so basically if you wish to join us now is the time unless you wish to wait for another year.

Full details on joining the team during this current recruitment intake are available within the ‘Membership’ section of the teams website.

So far we have had twenty one positive expressions of interest in joining the team, with thirteen persons having confirmed to date their attendance on our three part recruitment intake over late October 2012.