Mr Thornley of Horwich, Bolton, continues with his very valued support of the Bolton MRT

Yet again we are very pleased to announce today the receipt via the Charities Aid Foundation, our online donation portal, of yet another generous and much appreciated donation of £30.00 from Team friend and very appreciated supporter, Mr John Thornley of Horwich, Bolton.

As ever, all the team membership extends its grateful thanks to Mr Thornley for his kind and continuing support of the Bolton MRT. (Please also see website ’news’ articles dated Tuesday 20th July 2010, Thursday 21st October 2010, Thursday 20th January 2011, Thursday 21st April 2011, Wednesday 20th July 2011,Thursday 20th October 2011, Friday 20th January 2012, Thursday 19th April 2012 and Thursday 19th July 2012)