Team Support Group reports from Victory Stompers Line Dancing Evening, Friday 19th October, with all proceeds in aid of Bolton MRT

Our great supporters, Jean Mulvaney and her friends, once again organised a charity line dancing evening, on Friday 19th October 2012, which started at 7.30pm, at St Mary’s Church Parish Centre, Richmond Street, Horwich.

Alongside the dancing, there was a tombola and raffle, with all proceeds from the evening being very kindly donated to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

This was the fifth charity event for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team that Jean has organised, having raised £2,005.43 for the team previous to this evening, and the highly valued continuing support of Jean and her friends is very much appreciated by the entire team membership.

The evening was attended by three of our Support Group members, who kindly went along to represent the team.

The following is a report on the evening by Team Support Group member Amanda Strickleton;

“Support Group members Amanda Strickleton, Sarah Hindle and Laura Tunnicliffe joined the Victory Stompers Line-Dancing Club at St Mary’s Parish Centre, Horwich on Friday 19th October for their fund-raising bash in aid of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Yet again the turn-out was very high, with other local groups joining them for an evening of dancing, drinking and a potato pie supper. True to their word from the last event, the Support Group members also joined in with the dancing (Again, luckily no photographic evidence!). Also on the guest list was local Lancashire Radio presenter Joe Fish and his wife Carol.”

“Club members donated prizes for the tombola and raffle and at the end of the evening organiser Jean Mulvaney presented to the three Support Group members present representing the Bolton MRT, the absolutely amazing sum of £590.00 with at least a further £130.00 to follow from a sponsored line-dance on the night by Dean. As ever a huge thank you goes out to everyone who attended the event and made it such fun, especially Jenny (music provider), Jeanette (organiser), Dean and Jean.”

With this fantastic and very generous donation of £590.00, to date Jean and her friends have so very kindly raised the huge amount of £2,595.43p for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

(L-R) Amanda, Jeanette, Jenny, Jean, Dean, Sarah

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